Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bayside Church in Granite Bay rocks! Over 2,800 books collected this season!

So who gets up on a weekend morning and says "I can't wait to get to church?" That's right--me! Talk about a church that walks the walk. Thanks so much to Shaun, Tina, and the outreach team for their work in collecting children's books this season. And look at these darling kids with their donation. It just doesn't get any better than this!

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  1. This isn't a real bible believing church, like most "MEGA CHURCHES" they run the church like a business and not a hospital. Jesus said, "He came for the sick not the well" so the leaders should be there to help people get healthy and mature so they can reproduce. The church is filled with UNSAVED people (I know because I know many who attend who are NOT born again/saved....) and so many are living in blatant sin, which is never confronted at mega TYPE churches, nor is sin and accountability ever preached about. The church is much more concerned about the leaders making money and their image as is proven in my article about the subject in the link below, then it's true calling. The churches focus is not as Jesus said it should be, GOD and OTHERS, but the 7 P's.....PRIDE...POWER....POLITICS...PAYCHECK...PROGRAMS...PRESTIGE...POPULARITY...
    Therefore Spiritual abuses such as what happened to me will continue.